One night, near Piracicaba’s river

This story was written in less than 1 hour to a contest called navigator around the world in 80 pages. Took me, however, almost 4 hours to polish it up, select photos and go through their buggy website’s submission system. ;P


There she was, immaculate. At least to my eyes. Flowing freely, on such a flat but still tilted enough floor to make that beautiful sound. What a relief from someone who was born and raised in a city with 2 dead rivers. To a boy who were never touched.

The world have many wonderful places. From fjords on New Zealand, through the lonely Pisa tower in Italy and Dutch stroopwafels to a small unexpected hidden beach in Porto’s own city, in which people can freely enjoy the sunbath on their bare boned skins, there are not so many places where one can find oneself.

It requires a collection of events, chaotic environment stimulus aligned with our own mind history and stories being constantly rebuilt. Sitting back and enjoying singing along in your head a childhood fond sound. Running to catch whatever with the will to do so in your heart.

That was Piracicaba to me. A place filled with wonderful discoveries. Population just around 1 million spread through a huge area with almost no buildings. Still, not too far from the big city, just 1 bus and 3 hours away, from door to door. A great little town blessed with fresh air and people talking with a delightful country accent. Nothing was missing. Except for that woman’s touch.


I was sick. MD’s said all good. Oh, look, it’s gone! Be happy.

Don’t worry? How could I find someone to get close to me if my physiological parts that should be important to them were dysfunctional? Who’d want me? Why nobody approaches me to hug? Initially I moved there just for a job out of the messed up megalopole I was born in. Why was I still not able to simply do my job and keep on living my little and enjoyable life?

I was afraid. And I thought the only medicine I haven’t tried was a girlfriend so I’ve tried finding one, but I’ve failed. They found me, instead. Rescued.

It was in that river that I finally lost my virginity, many times. And that was one of the most important missing puzzle pieces for those previous 25 years. So worthwhile waiting for.

Still, it wasn’t enough. The city pushed me back. Lost my job. Had to go back to birth place, yet again. Slowly noticed I wasn’t sick due to lack of a carnal aspect as originally thought. It was lack of love. Yeah, I know.


Funny enough, it was only 2 years later that I would come back to that same city, to finalize that cycle with a legendary balloon trip. Moving as we all dusty beings should - blowed by the wind, the flow, just being slightly careful to not be too carried away.

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