Hopefully last post this year!

st george's castle

Okay, truth is for a church of tech year either doesn’t matter or is a flawed concept. Even from the spiritual aspect. The only reason to keep on celebrating such religious dates is the culture around you. And, around the globe, that xmas and news year is quite heavy today. At least from my humble point of view.

Here I just wanted to give some announcements.

  • Our meetup group is reformulated yet again, and it will likely keep on changing until it settles with a stable group of people. I have a good feeling about this new CONFESSIONAL idea so I’ll stick with it for a while anyway, but… We have no arrangements for location on Sunday, which shall be the mandatory week day for meetings, at 16:36 for whatever random reasons.

  • The book / novel being written on github wiki is open for anyone to contribute. Please, do. :P

  • The videos venture is, obviously, just another attempt to monetize (out of ads) and, like any other content we produce, will never have a stable release date, but… We are using buffer already for making scheduled posts and try to maximize our reach. Soon the posts to be scheduled there should all be immediately available on talk’s buffer category.

  • This blog is not officially “released” yet and it may take a while, as evident by the first post. For now, it was mostly just for toying and testing. The post editor is still far from satisfactory, for instance.

I think that’s all for now.

Cheers! :)