medium - new blog announcement

somewhere in the old street

yeah, I’ve done it yet once again! O_o

I’ll try to keep this one for general experimentations and the forever-on-hiatus bdd novel. for instance, soon you should be able to add comments! :)

the new one should now be my main new generation “blog”.

and the now-old-current one, made in discourse, will either soon migrate to some free platform for talking or just be kept as a static archived reference along with the rest of its host.

oh, and if you’re wondering about my lack of “proper text formatting”, it’s a very old attempt to actually improve writing and reading. right now I just mostly prefer saving uppercase letters for some names and as a raising voice indication, rather than emphasis on periods. I also still use it for “i” for some reason, and for pages I don’t want to explain myself but keep a classical look.

anyway, for today that’s enough announcements. been working on this for the past 2 days, my “week”ends, as my current job is 4x2.