New blog platform. Once again?

at least one new random picture per blog post

For now, just maybe…

Discourse (my previous blogging platform) was never pretty or fast enough. More and more I want to have a better place for taking notes, instead of Google keep, which offers no backup or versioning.

On top of this, GitHub rocks hard, is blazing fast even on mobile and Jeff, the discourse owner, is a huge ass. He’s smart and competent, but discourse isn’t as good as he paints and, although I’ve had no personal big problems with it yet I can now already foresee them (thanks to DailyWTF and @fbmac).

So, I was trying out Jekyll with and just now, very luckily, found this. Tiny press. Just awesome! If I can connect comments to muut, flarum or even discourse (not so sure about Disqus) and have social buttons I’ll probably switch blog platform again pretty soon! :)

Even while missing a better template… :’(

Until then, I’ll probably try using this instead of Google Keep. :P

post made initially and basically on web mobile