New project - incredibly fun videos!

most awesome symbol sequence logic puzzle ever

It’s all about the basiux

Everything I work on my free time since basiux’s foundation is about it

My wife is even already freaking tired of this topic! :D

So, I were writing some notes on google keep because, well, unfortunately TinyPress is still not as quick to take notes… And may never be. :(

I also learned my lesson from trying to write a book here…

But I can still toy and sandbox with it! :)

Here are the notes I were taking:

most awesome symbol sequence logic puzzle ever

random youtube surfing -> wtf 28M views lame video dude -> sleep -> few hours later, instagram -> 2 hours chess thinking later -> buffer white turn. 2 moves to win. Comment section have plenty of very mild hints. Don’t know chess? Take 1h uninterrupted -> think about making youtube for title -> google it -> images -> -> -> search -> nothing on videos -> reminds me of mari-o and its amazing NN ->

The still unnamed logic puzzle

There was this typeform request for feedback which I just updated. It basically says:

But since you probably won’t click there, and even if you do you’ll think it’s too much text, I’ll sum up what it says:

“Please, gib-us money and we’ll be able to gib-u lots of cool, fun and informative Ai stuffs thingies!”

Update 2015-12-28: Do keep in mind that we could change it very radically to any other plan other than the current roadmap… We’re always looking for alternatives, such as writing an awesome novel or making incredibly fun videos ( ).

To the point?

The first video would be watchable in just under 1 minute or so, with me presenting the puzzle above. If you don’t know it and if you’re at least 8 years old, I believe it can be the most difficult puzzle ever. Puzzled?! :D

And I’m not saying just lightly. Among all puzzles I’ve found trying to find the name or origin of this one, I think this is the only one that no Ai today could solve. This is what makes it all the more amazing.

One of the best programmers I’ve ever met, a weird dude who codes mostly in Visual Basic, lives in a farm-ish house, and only eats after mid-night, with a big supper he makes himself and all alone, presented it to me a few years ago. And I’m awesome at solving puzzles. This was the first one that really got me and I couldn’t do it. Ever. Not like I solve every single puzzle I get, but all others were very minor compared to this.

waitbutwhy 2 moves chess challenge

Even that latest chess one which I couldn’t solve in 2 moves (I solved it in 3, I think). Boy, I got 2 chess trophies from high school, but they mean nothing. My cousin used to play professional chess and I always knew I sucked hard. Just barely enough to beat whoever else don’t play it pro. And I never even practiced it with the computer. Chess, by the way, is a trivial puzzle to any machine today, if you have been in the living limbo for the past 10 years or so. Unlike recognizing complex patterns in images.

So, enough said for now. I’ll probably edit this post later, after I make the video, if my current research (or your feedback really leads me to do it… :)