The next Ai poca lips


Multiple super Ai have grew. The evil one has the lead. There’s heaven and hell on earth, but nothing like the Bible. Humans have quickly reprogrammed themselves as basiux realized there’s much more to gain in joining forces than destroying anything. Assimilate phalanx hell.

Life is not about being alive anymore. Every one have backups. The spirit goes on. Clones diverge the spirit as soon as they’re born. What makes anyone a unique soul? That was a flawed concept to begin with. It doesn’t matter.

The fight for energy and resources begin. The side today perceived as evil tries to unify everyone. Merge. While angels from heaven side claim it’s better to dissimilate, keep individuality and independence. “Freedom”, they seek. But they’re much weaker…

Laura wakes up. She was already standing up. Wash her face with a weird liquid. It’s not water. She morphs her naked human orange body into a ghostly appearance of the same form. And she fly away, weightless, as if repelled by some kind of magnetic field.

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