What's wrong with bars and drinks?

work in progress


Veronika walks into a bar. Alone. The bar, mixed with random people, soft background music, dinner tables, seem to stop for a few seconds, staring at her normal entering. She’s blonde, gorgeous and dressed to kill.

She goes to the balcony and order a milkshake. The bartender asks:

  • Milk what?

  • Sheki. You know, MacDonalds but witha bananas. - She says in a very weird accent.

A couple sitting in the dinner table start talking about her, but we can only see them gesticulating.

The man gets up, come in, sit next to her, look her bottom up and ask with a smile:

  • Whats up?

She looks him top bottom and say with a cold air:

  • Nothing.

He walks away.

Now’s the woman, who was with him, turn. She’s also very beautiful and dressed a bit alike, except her shoes were cheap ones unlike the blonde’s.

  • I loved your shoes.

She take the shoes off and give them to her:

  • Here, I can take yours off of you. - offering to switch shoes.

The brunette goes back to the table, sad they would not get their threesome.

She was getting up and going to move on when a geeky nerd walks in, sit near the blonde and ask a banana shake in perfect british accent.

She looks at him and smile. He smile back. She asks:

  • What are you doing tonight?

He slowly put his hands on her cheeks.

  • Sex. With those two over there. Cya! ;)